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Rust and Scratches and Chips;

You've probably heard the old phrase; "Rust never sleeps". Re-lining a rusted tub without repairing the rust is like duct tapeing the rust holes in that old Chevy. The hardest  rust to repair is the area around the drain. This rust is actually working from the drain side and will continue unless it completely sealed with an epoxy after a chemical conversion. In extreme cases it is recommended that the drain be removed prior to repair. We will work with the homeowner or plumber to get the problem fixed right the first time! With all rust repairs Mr. Chips removes loose rust, treats any remaining, and seals the damaged area with epoxy prior to refinishing to a beautiful new finish.

Scratches and Chips can be an eyesore and ruin an otherwise beautiful bath. Each scratch or chip has its own properties and be repaired using several different methods. We always recogmend the least invasive and most durable repair.
Color matching and finish quality is only a small part of the considerations we make when doing a repair. You can be assured that your fixture is in good hands with us!

We're not just tubs!

Working alone or with your contractor, we can refinish tiles and tub surounds, repair shower bases, refinish counter tops and sinks, including pedestal sinks. We can match colors on out of production items, create new colors to to          harmonize with your decor and can impliment any number of faux finishes in water resistant and durable materials. We even repair cultured marble sinks! Mr. Chips also offers the restoration and duplication of scultpured tiles and elements when you are restoring older tile work. We have also repaired such odd things such as bird baths and fish ponds.

Fiberglass, spa, and acrylic repair

Fiberglass and acrylic tubs and spas are no problem. Acrylic and fiberglass gel coats oxidize in time, turning yellow and dull. Our refinishing process completely removes the oxidized surface, with physical abrasion and chemical cleaning. Any fractures, cracks, or chips are repaired prior to a conversion primer being applied. This primer is followed with a multi stage top coat. The process produces a strong, shiny, and durable finish similar to a ceramic finish. This new finish is much easier to care for and cleans up much better than acrylic surfaces. Proper preparation is time consuming and, if  the repair is substantial, a two day repair may be

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